See the World Through My Eyes

Snake Bite

Today I am honored to feature an article in spoken word by my close friend who prefers to be known by the name La Femme Fatale. She also happens to be a well known public figure; articulate and precise in her wording. I especially like how she has presented a familiar situation today’s article. It is amazing how a lot can be said with such few words. This is deep stuff.

I sometimes wonder
Whether friendships are meant to last forever
Y’know sort of like navigating stormy weather
It’s like Johnny in grade school
Was he a genius or simply clever?

Like a poisoned chalice
Drip drip
Your words heavy
Full of malice
You spread the word
To the nest of vipers
Stories in which, I was front and centre

Laden with lies
Sweetened with hate
Divided and spread out
Like a piece of cinnamon cake
I often wonder how you disguised your disdain
You always chastised me for being too vain
& yet in the same take
You moved quickly, swiftly and sharpened that blade
Not a moment too late
You thrust –
Using your entire weight
Sort of like a snake
That sinks its fangs deep inside
Leaving its venomous poison behind

I try to think back
To when everything was white and black
No shades of grey
Rolling in the hay
We must’ve been 9 or 10 maybe 11 hey?

What happened to all our girlish pursuits?
To our dreams of jumping out of parachutes?
Did they disappear?
Are they no longer here?

Was the apple too sweet?
The perfume too strong?
The one that led you to doing wrong?
To betraying a childhood friend
One who would’ve had you –
Till the end?
Over and over again?
No matter what happened?

It’s always the first cut that’s the deepest
The first bite – always the sweetest
You go through life – you face your weakness
You carry on – you shrug off meekness
You meet new people – you get acquainted
You forget the pain of disappointment
But never the sting of the snake- staring at you naked.

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