See the World Through My Eyes

My Soul for Your Love

After reading her note titled ‘Damn!’, I knew I had to get her to write something for my blog. Liz Lenjo is a woman of many abilities. A talented writer and model, Liz also happens to be the editor at Varsity Phunk Magazine. She has studied Post- Grad Diploma Law at Kenya School of Law . You might want to follow her work, I have a feeling she will hold your attention at ransom. Watch and learn.

By Liz Lenjo

The first love letter you dubbed it ‘Night of the Eclipse’ I knew you would be the one I for me…Forever. I could see the darkness of your soul, but I had to dance with the devil. Just to know your embrace. My soul for your love I exchanged.

The day you said you love me…I knew that my tango dance with fire would never end. I loved the pain and the misery. So long as it was by your side, I reckoned that was the meaning of love. I did not mind for my soul for your love I traded.

Rivers of tears at your cost, by your side I remained. Determined to uphold a contract I made with the dark side…Your darkness I embraced and made it mine. Losing myself I willingly did… For my soul for your love I exchanged.

Love for pain? Pain for love? To erase you I need to, but somehow part of you still lingers. I guess rescinding the contract to have my soul back, was not going to be a walk in the park. But I must! Knowing now…my destiny was never with you…But somehow: for your love, my soul I willingly bet!

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